It is not commonly known that the fluttering wings of the hummingbird move in the pattern of an infinity symbol-signifying the symbolism of eternity, continuity and infinity. This little bundle of energy spreads the message of joy, love and timeliness.

The Humming bird is the mascot of OCCASIONS as it flits, hovers and meanders down dusty by lanes, quaint towns and bustling cities all across the diversity known as India! The little inquisitive bird with a discerning eye for beauty, technique and material brings back to us only the finest, the absolutely one of a kind inspirations that compel but also inspire onto bring forth an evocation that is sublime in its most forthright form.

Like our mascot - the hummingbird shows the power of adaptability and application. Being willing to step back, observe, look at things from a new perspective, and then bring this to form. Hummingbirds have a way of opening our hearts and eyes to the wonders and beauty of the world.

Occasions excels in the Indian genres of Diamond, Naqashi, Jadau, Bikaneri, South-Indian & Nizami brings a refined sensibility to each genre.We do not have trays, caseloads of merchandise but highly individualized, exceptionally inspired one of kind pieces.There is no formula but the formula of what is truly uplifting to the senses.

We are obsessive on focusing on details and our jewelry is hand crafted by master craftsmen who are devoted to their craft.

Our simple aim is to create highly curated product offerings, which are defined by the vision of our patron and what the hummingbird reveals to us and guides us!

Our abiding belief is to have a product that is befitting your occasion. When you want to express sentiments in a most special way we believe it is jewelry that marks that occasion!


Diamonds Collection

Occasions is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of diamond jewelry maintaining the artistry and brilliant workmanship.


Nizami Collection

The sheer magnificence of Nizami jewelry is enough to leave one speechless with awe & wonder.


South Indian Collection

Adorned with precious stones like Burmese rubies, Columbian emerald and syndicate flat diamonds.


Naqashi Collection

The stunning craft of south India, Naqashi karigari will definitely draw your admiration


Jadau Collection

The JADTAR collection at Occasions is a perfect amalgamation of Bikaneri forms of craft.