Jadau Collection

The Humming bird flies down the dusty lanes of Bikaner, Rajasthan brings The most intricate craftsmanship which is inspired from the royal heritage of INDIA. This collection keeps alive THE ROYAL RAJWADA heritage by creating heirlooms. These jewels are hand made using the Rubies and Emeralds from the mines of Zambia, with flawless Uncut Diamonds from the African mines.


Focus on diamonds of rarity, exceptional pedigree like Golconda and old miners for those purists!

Our job is to enhance and bring forth the natural fire and scintillation that is inherent in diamonds of character and material.

South IndianCollection

Jewelry fueled by the exacting artistry that reflects an advanced celebration of form and intricacy from the cradle of the pure advaita thought.


The humming bird flies down to the lanes of Madurai and brings the near extinct karigari work- "Hathodi Kaam" Every Naqashi piece is hand carved with the highest level of intricacy of the karigar and the most exquisite designing on Gold. The minutest use precious stones and uncut diamonds make the jewel a piece of art.


The favorite haunt of our hummingbird who always brings us a little nugget of inspiration that is reflective which recaptures the sublime spirit of an opulent, oriental life and culture of a by gone Hyderabad where the magnificent, lavish and exotic flourished.